The Editorial Board


Dr Katarina O’Dette (University of Nottingham, UK)

Senior Editors

Emma French (University of Glasgow, UK)

Grace Ann Thomas Worm (University of Glasgow, UK) 

Associate Editors

Bettina Juszak (York University, CA)

Brianna Best (Indiana University, Bloomington, US)

Caighlan Smith (Memorial University of Newfoundland, CA)

Megan Stephens (University of Sheffield, UK)

Raphaela Behounek (University of Salzburg, AT)


Amy Richmond (Independent Researcher, UK)

Rachel Milne (University of Cambridge, UK)

Journal Support Team

Press Officers

Hannah Barton

Amy Richmond

Maggie White

Advisory Board

Dr Dimitra Fimi (University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr Matthew Barr (University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr Oliver Langmead (Lancaster University, UK)

Special Thanks

All illustrations are by Lois Langmead.

Mapping the Impossible was founded by Oliver Langmead, Emma French and Katarina O’Dette with help kindly provided by our sister publication, Press Start, and the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic.