Rewarding Research

We currently cannot offer full, appropriate payment for the papers we publish. However… publishing research for recognition alone has long been the standard, and at Mapping the Impossible, we believe we should be doing better.

As such, thanks to generous support provided by the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic, we are pleased to be able to provide a small reward for each paper we publish.

If your paper is selected for publication with us, we are pleased to be able to offer you a £20 digital voucher (most likely for Amazon, but we are open to providing book tokens). This offer is available to all scholars, in the UK and internationally, and will be distributed upon the publication of each paper we accept.

Obviously, this is a both literal and figurative token reward, and is not intended to reflect adequate payment for all the hard work the researchers we publish put into their papers. But by providing these tokens, we are doing a number of important things. Firstly, we are rewarding our authors’ hard work with more than just a pat on the back. Secondly, we are incentivising other journals to adopt similar policies. And thirdly, of course, we are further encouraging fantasy researchers (like you!) to consider taking the time to submit your paper to us.

One day, we hope to be able to offer full, appropriate payment for the papers we publish. But we hope that this represents a solid step in the right direction.